Friday, August 29, 2014

5 Questions for Your Friday...

Ok so not really five questions more like four questions and a statement. And I am well aware that I could just go to Pintrest for most of these things. But sometimes Pintrest overwhelms me and I don't know what to trust, you guys are my readers I trust you!

1. I posted a new salad recipe late last night that would be the prefect addition to your Labor Day Weekend BBQ’s. Check out the Grilled Peach Salad with a Peach Vinaigrette Here

2. So we are heading out on a little vaca later next week. A couple of my questions revolve around this. We haven’t been on a long road trip since Charlot was about 2 and we did most of our traveling during her sleeping times. Well this trip we are going to travel as much as possible during the evening and nap times but it is long enough that we can’t do all of it then. My first question is what are some car essentials that I am not thinking of? …I know snacks and drinks but other suggestions would be amazing.

3. Still on the trip… do you have any great snack ideas to take? I would prefer to not be feeding her fruit snacks for 14 hours.

4. Ok this is a bit weird but you read my blog so you should be accustom. I am like a magnet to mosquitos they love me. I have approximately 467 bites on my legs currently. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem I would just wear jeans and let them heal. But one of my dearest friends is getting married in a few weeks and I just so happen to be one of her Bridesmaids. The deal with this is my dress only covers to my knees. I would prefer to not look like I have mumps all over my legs for her pictures. They seriously could scare her future children if they looked back at her pictures. YIKES! Any who do you have any good remedies for healing these puppies quickly?

5. Ok I am sure I am behind times and you are all going to tell me to get with it but…Can someone please tell me about Jamberries??? I think that is how it is spelled. I have been invited to a few events on Facebook and I am still confused. Do they work? Do they stay on? Are they expensive? Help this out of touch old lady!

Thank you for your time this afternoon! And Please Help ME!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Grilled Peach Salad

This summer we have had some amazing peaches available all around from the grocery stores to the local orchards it has been a good year. To celebrate momma Linda's birthday last weekend I decided to make a peach inspired meal and this dish got the meal started off amazingly well. I even broke out my parents wedding china to make the meal even more special. Isn't their china pattern beautiful?!?!?
Ok back to the salad. This salad was very flavorful I especially LOVED the dressing. The combination of greens and toasted nuts provided a great crunch in contrast to the soft warm peaches and the pops of sweetness from the blueberries. I do believe the next time I make it I will go dinner sized and add some grilled chicken. 

Grilled Peach Salad with Peach Vinaigrette

1/4 cup Peach Preserves
1/4 cup  EVOO
1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1tsp Honey Mistard
1/8 tsp Kosher Salt

Mix all ingredients in a mason jar with lid seal tight

Salad (8 servings)
2 medium heads Romaine Lettuce
1/2 bag Baby Spinach
1/4 cup each Pecan Halves and Sliced Almonds 
1/2 cup Blueberries
4 Peaches (peeled sliced in half and grilled) 
1/4 cup Shaved Parmesan Cheese

On a plated layer greens and top with nut mixture. Add on some blueberries. And then slice each peach half into four pieces. Top with cheese and serve with dressing. 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Some days are better than others....

I had a recipe post all ready to go but this just kind of hit me tonight so sorry the recipe will have to wait. 
Some days this whole parenting gig is not easy! Ok that is most days but some days sure are more fun than others. Tonight was one of those for me. She was wired from the moment I picked her up. We were rushing around for my mom to get her from me so I could go to a meeting and the first of many meltdowns occurred. 
After the meeting I headed to my parents to eat supper with them and pick her up. When I walked in I could tell wired had moved to miss sassy. Oh yes that's right we are at the I am going to tell you what to do and if you don't do it I am going to do one of many things including, asking you more rudely and loudly, talking like a baby, screaming, talking nonstop and my personal fave whining. 
To spare you all the gory details lets just say all of the aboved mention tactics were deployed this evening. She was in fine form. And to add to it we had the battle over eating a meal versus snacks plus she wanted to play twenty questions. Oh my. Plus I know that I committed my cardinal sin in taking out a stressful and tiring day on her. Mom of the year award please. 
Don't get me wrong I am so so thankful that The Lord decided to make me her mom, and I know I need to be thankful. I am just saying some days the thankfulness come easier than others. 
I guess The Lord knew I needed help tonight, because as we were tucking her in tonight she out of the blue grabs me and says "I just love you soooo much mom!" He really does know what we need to hear. I also know The Lord has a sense of humor as well because as I finished tucking her in I said "I love you sooo much to Charlot!" She then says,....
"Mom can I have a snack!" I couldn't help but laugh and think help me!
Please tell me I am not the only one these days happen too?!?!?!?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Berry and Black Pepper Glazed Pork Chops...And Winners Announced!!!

So I haven’t had a ton of time to do much cooking over the past few weeks between the fair and northern Iowa work trip. Thus this weekend the kitchen was calling me!!! Saturday morning Charlot and I headed out to the grocery store for a large stock up trip! During the trip I found some lovely boneless pork chops. But this recipe it begins a week earlier at the…you guessed it…the fair.

See a week ago Saturday the hubs and I took Charlot to the fair to actually you know see the fair, not just the inside of the hog barn. One of our first stops was the Ag. Building, home of the biggest pumpkin contest! This building also houses many Ag based companies selling different products. Well the hubs tells me that Charlot and I can walk around while he stops to talk to some guy about something for the farm. I kind of blanked out due to the smell of candied almonds. Oh I forgot to mention this building also houses many vendors selling food products and giving samples. This is amazing for my love of grazing. As Charlot and I are wondering, a nice young man asks me if I would like to try some of their granola. Well of course.

The next thing he does changes the game! He gives me a little cup of granola and has squirted some nice looking jam on the top of this little sample. I am a bit spectacle at first, but then I tried it and man oh man it was delicious! I couldn’t get past how good the jam was, it was perfect for me full of berries and smooth, no big chunks of berries, PERFECT!

I was sold; I will take a gallon of that very jam! Oh it only comes in pints; well I’ll just take one then! I didn’t even know what it was called or what fruits it had in it they just wrapped it up and I paid the bill. Then when I got home I had to have some more of the greatness that is when I discovered it was a lovely blend of blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. The jam is from, or should I say was from my jar is empty, The Nutty Berry Farms check them out. Great on toast, waffles, biscuits, salad dressings, and glazes for pork.

Well that was a long story to get to a recipe. But that was some seriously good jam. I cooked these pork chops over the weekend and found the flavors amazing! You could use just about any berry jam you prefer.

Berry Black Pepper Glazed Pork Chops

4 ½ thick boneless pork chops

½ cup jam

1 tsp black pepper

2-4 tbsp EVOO (you want enough to thin out the jam could be more could be less)

Mix the jam, black pepper and EVOO together adding your desired amount of EVOO for consistency. Reserve a few tablespoons to use as topping when serving. Smear the glaze mixture on to the pork chops and allow them to marinate for about an hour prior to cooking. Place pork chops on a hot stove top grill (outdoor one is fine as well), grill for three to four minutes per side glazing the chops the entire time. Serve hot and with reserved glazed.

Ok so now we are to the important stuff the winners!!! Thank you so much to all who entered!!! I hope to be able to continue doing these giveaways, and I will as long as you guys keep liking and sharing my work! I love all of these products I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!! Thank you again for reading about my crazy life!

First Place- Jackie Clements- you will receive an 8 cup Food Processor from Hamilton Beach

Second Place- Cindy Lamberson- you will receive a Set of Three Trudeau Mixing Bowls

Third Place- Telpha Heuman- you will receive a Set of Norpor Cut-n-Flex Cutting Boards

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Fast Five...Giveaway

1. This may quite possibly be my favorite picture from the entire fair. She looks so proud of her ribbon. The ladies who do the photography in the hog barn at our fair are amazing. They are great with kids and pigs alike!

2. I have noticed that we have very few pictures of the three of us together. I mean we have lots of the Hubs and Charlot, some with Charlot and I, and tons of just Charlot. But not so many of the three of us together. I don’t want my kid to grow up thinking we were never together. So this is my attempt to take more pictures of all of us together! Oh why thank you I am amazing at taking selfies, HA!

3. This may be the saddest picture from the fair. This was just shear seconds before my child realized we in fact were not taking Miss Minnie home with us that she had been bought and was being taken to a new home. This was just seconds before she ripped my heart out by asking “why does Minnie have to get a new home.” And this was just seconds before the Hubs said “because selling pigs at the fair is what we do.” Lastly seconds before Charlot said, “Ok I’ll just pick another one out at home.” By the way I was still in the corner crying while my kid was suddenly over it.

4. The last several days I have been in WAYYYY northern Iowa for meetings. Though the drive nearly killed me 7 hours, the climate was amazing. Considering it was the hottest week of the summer in Missouri and it was in the mid 70’s there. These are a few of the pictures from my trip, my co-worker may kill me for posting her picture. Plus we went to a Sioux Falls S.D. Canaries Minor League baseball game, it was a ton of fun. I had never been to a minor league game, I am feeling I will need to go check out the KC T-bones after having this experience.

5. LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!! BIG, HUGE,MAJOR, Thank you to all my readers… this week I reached a milestone!!! My wee little blog here reached 25,000 page views. That seems so crazy to me, I kind of thought only my parents read this thing! So in celebration of this I am having a…you guessed it…a GIVEAWAY!!!

Here’s the deal I want you to help me spread the word about this little project of mine. You have the opportunity to gain four entries! One by commenting on this post, two by liking my new Facebook page for the blog link Here , three by commenting on the Facebook post that links to this post, and four sharing the Facebook post. Please tell me in your comments what you love about the blog and what you want to see more of!!!

Oh you want to know what you are going to win!!!! I am going to be giving away a few of my favorite kitchen gadgets three to be exact, the first will be a food processor, my absolute favorite kitchen utensil. The other two are still being determined!

So get all your entering done by Monday at noon! Winners will be announced Monday afternoon!