Monday, August 17, 2015

Easy creamy chicken

Oh boy oh boy back to school is upon us!!! Yikes! Tomorrow morning I will drop my sweet little one off for her very first day of preschool. Goodness ok I can't do this I am going to tear up. But man alive does she look sweet in her little backpack! Here is a perfect recipe for those busy school evenings!!! I feel it is one that you can put together stick in the fridge and then bake when you get home then dinner is done! I served mine over rice but noodles would be AMAZING as well. I say this because the sauce is absolutely divine, silky smooth and rich with just enough peppery goodness.

Easy Creamy Chicken
4 large Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
1 can Cream of Mushroom
1 can Cream of Chicken
1 cup Sour Cream
1/2 cup Chicken Broth
1/2 tsp Onion Powder
1 tbsp Fresh Basil Chopped
1 tbsp Chives Chopped
Few dashes of Paprika
Salt and Pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9x13 baking dish. Place chicken breast in baking dish in a single layer, lightly salt and pepper. In a medium size bowl mix soups, sour cream, onion powder, basil, and chives. Pour mixture over the chicken, sprinkle the top with paprika. Bake in middle of the oven for approximately 1 hour or until chicken reaches 170 degrees. Add extra chives to the top if desired. Enjoy!!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

A Needed Day Off...

Every now and then I have to take a day off work just to spend some extra special time with my special little girl. Last week I did just that! After working for 30 plus days straight and not seeing much of each other we needed a day. And what a perfect day it was.

We started the day off with a bit of a chilly last swimming lesson for the summer. She did so well with lessons this summer and loved her teacher Miss Kimmie. They were quite a pair. We had to get a special surprise for Kimmie for the last day, we found out that she loves oatmeal cream pies. Well of course Charlot thought that two boxes were required! Next we sat out to have an awesome lunch with family to celebrate my Auntie Charlene's birthday. Sorry no pictures we were to busy enjoy each others company!

After lunch was completed Charlot and I decided to kid nap this Miss Mia and go have an afternoon at the park. These two as cousins and friends are the absolute best!

Miss Mia became a big sister earlier this summer so I think the afternoon was appreciated by both Mia and her momma.

Most of the time at the park was spent playing and laughing and telling me to take their picture here and over here. Oh it was quite a time!

Just the looks on their faces oh so sweet and so ornery all at the same time. I know they both look quite sweet but let me tell you they are little pistols

Last picture of the day. I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend my day away from work. So much fun and love.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Broccoli Pesto...Two Ways!

Is there anyone else who loves and I mean loves…pesto! Not necessarily the jarred stuff… not that it isn’t good just not quite like the fresh stuff that my summer bounty of basil allows me to produce, so anyone else on team pesto?
That was ridiculous how long that took me to explain I really like pesto! But here’s the kicker, the hubs, grrr doesn’t like basil!!! WHAT how can one simply not like basil it is the key ingredient in basil pesto…sad days for me. What is the point in making a meal featuring pesto if I am going to have to make something else for him? Well I think the food good vibes were shining on me this weekend and were aware that I needed pesto in my life. As I was cleaning Saturday I had the food network on, Giada in Italy to be exact and I heard her speak of a broccoli pesto that she was putting on a grilled chicken sandwich. Say WHAT!!! Not that I actually took the time to stop and listen to what she was saying or actually go look the recipe up but I knew this was the answer to my pesto prayers.

On Sunday I decided this so called broccoli pesto needed to be created! I had broccoli, almonds, parmesan cheese, and EVOO what else could I possibly need? Off I went to create. Steam up the broccoli, drain throw in food processor (if you don’t have one you need one!), add remaining ingredients season with salt and pepper. There you have it! Perfect Pesto, hum nope it needed something, something like basil (no no no!) green onion tops! YES!!! Oh and a little lemon zest and juice!

Here it was used as our pasta sauce!
This was the perfect spread for a grilled chicken sandwich then it made quite a bit so I stirred it into some pasta last night thinned with some pasta water delicious! Give this healthy oh so yummy spread a try! I’m thinking it will make the perfect sauce for pizza!

Broccoli Pesto
4 cups fresh broccoli steamed
1 cup Sliced Almonds (toasted)
1 cup Parmesan Cheese
1 cup EVOO
¼ cup Green Onion Tops
Juice and Zest of one lemon
Salt and pepper to taste
Place all ingredients in food processor minus the EVOO, pulse to combine, stream in EVOO and blend until smooth you want a good spreadable consistency.  ENJOY!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Happy Birthday to One AMAZING Lady...

Today I am taking a departure from what I originally had planned to send a special message to an extraordinary lady. This is Telpha and today is her birthday, but Telpha isn’t just any special lady she is Charlot’s babysitter. But let me be honest she is so much more than that. Telpha has a heart the size of the moon that she loves each and every child that steps through her door as her own. Each and every day I am amazed how much my kiddo loves to be at Telpha’s house. I never have to worry or fret about her being loved, fed, disciplined, or taught when I drop her off I know that all those things are going to be taken care of.

Telpha has been my confidant and friend through this crazy process of being a mom and she has loved and supported me and my child all the way. I could not be happier to have her as my substitute while I am away. 

Today it hit me that this week would be the last full week I will see Telpha every day until next summer. I will miss her smile and her fun but I know that her love for my little one will never change. So this is your day and I want you to know you are loved and appreciated each and every day.
I found this poem and it describes my feelings for you each day.

A Mother’s Thank You:
For all your patience…day to day,
For every tear you wipe away,
For “little hands” you gently hold,
And all the stories you have told,
For your consoling, tender heart,
And all the wisdom you impart,
For silly songs & quiet times,
For peaceful naps & nursery rhymes,
For teaching children how to share,
For being kind & being fair,
For every shoe that you have tied,
And thoughtful words that instill pride,
For all the sweet things that you do,
To help the children all year through,
For being there in place of me…
I’m grateful…and I’ll always be!

Hope you have the happiest birthday yet! 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Fast Five...RANDOM

1. This kid oh my word...she is a pistol!!! I can't wrap my head around the fact that in three weeks she will be starting pre-school. Yipes! Where have the last four years gone. Any who she is still amazing me every single day! This picture I took during her first pedicure, she said we should go every week. I couldn't agree more, let's get Daddy on board with that! HA! I am thinking that next week I might do a the things she says because here lately there have been some hum dingers...just be prepared this child likes to speak about bathroom topics. Hope that doesn't bother you!

2. I made this for supper several weeks ago and just realized that I never posted the recipe. So it looks like a recipe post for Hawaiian Fried Rice is in order next week. Just think sweet, spicy, and savory oh the perfect bite. Ok now I know what we are having for supper!

3. Charlot has been doing swimming lessons throughout the month of July and I can really see a difference in her swimming skills from this year to last. This is her and her super sweet teacher Kimmie. I think they are both smitten by each other!

4.Oh and I showed you guys a picture of one of Charlot's pigs for this summer earlier in the week but I failed to introduce you. This is Anna (Think Frozen), she is a beautiful Berkshire gilt. We also have Elsa, Izzy, and Sophia. Then we also have Olaf and Sven but Charlot will not be showing them!

5. I have no picture to go with but I need some advice I am in the search for a cross body bag or some form of easy carry bag to take with me during the State Fair. I have an awesome everyday bag but it is a little big to tote around the fair. Any suggestions would be appreciated!