Thursday, July 17, 2014

Earning her keep...

Sorry the pictures in the post are a bit dark it was close to dusk when I got there to pick the little one up!

As a kid my dad used to tell me all the time when I would be doing something for him that I was just earning my keep. I was always aggravated by that line, I mean shouldn’t he just want to give me things?!?!?! Apparently I have decided to have the same philosophy with my kid. The other night the hubs was heading out to bale some hay and he was going to take Charlot with him so I could go do a new water aerobics class (wow what a workout). As I was packing stuff up for the two of them Charlot was doing some whining about why did she have to go with Daddy and why did they have to bale hay. I of course answered her. Charlot #1 stop whining. #2 we bale hay so the cows have food in the winter. #3 you need to go with Daddy because he needs your help and you are earning your keep. Yup it just happened my dad entered my body and came out my mouth.

Savage beast tried to approach my car as I was recovering my child!
Happy as a lark didn't want to leave the tractor

Checking out her hardwork.

More characters trying to approach as I was leaving!!!
The hubs parents actually had planned on coming out to the pasture where he was baling to help entertain her for him. I guess the little stinker took me seriously and insisted on being in the tractor with her dad the entire time to earn her keep. I guess I shouldn’t be so sarcastic with my kid!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Squash Boats

Each summer my momma, my co-workers, and just about anyone I know become overwhelmed with zucchini and yellow squash. It seems that one plant will produce 1000, not really but lots. I love these little summer treasures and I am always looking for new ways to prepare them. Hint the blog will have several recipes featuring these soon. Any who a great friend of mine was talking about these stuffed zucchini’s that she make and shared this recipe with me. Well boy oh boy where these good, I loved using them with the yellow squash while the hubs preferred the zucchini. On top of that they were super easy and I was able to do most of the prep work the night before and just assemble before baking!

Give this recipe and try I am sure it will become one of your summer faves. I am thinking about making these again this week and switching up the fillings, stay tuned for that! Thank you again to Cheri for opening my eyes to this simple supper.
Here are my beautiful boats pre-roast
Post roast
Stuffed with cheese added on top.

Squash Boats

3-4 zucchini or yellow summer squash

1 lb pork sausage

1 box of stuffing (prepared)

6-8 slices of cheese (I prefer provolone)


Salt and Pepper to taste

Pre-heat oven to 375. Cut your squash in half length wise and scrape out the center creating a vessel for your stuffing. Place squash on a foil lined pan cut side up and drizzle with EVOO and season with salt and pepper. Roast in the oven for 30-40 minutes depending on the size of your squash. In the meantime brown your sausage and prepare the stuffing according to the package directions, or you could make your own but I took the easy way out! Once the squash is nice and tender remove from oven and lower oven temp to 350. Fill squash with sausage then cover with stuffing. Drizzle the tops with a bit more EVOO and bake for another 10 to 15 minutes, just make sure the filling has gotten good and hot. In the last two minutes top each squash with a slice of the cheese. Allow cheese to melt and brown slightly. Last step ENJOY!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Where have I been and why haven't I been cooking much...

Got to love this view!!!
I feel I have not been a great blogger this past week. Ok so I am not sure I am ever a great blogger but I feel I have neglected it. I also feel that my few faithful readers deserve some explanation. During the time from late June through mid-to late July I work each and every day. Yes seven count them seven days per week in a corn field. Nope it isn’t a ton of fun but it is a part of the job and I know that each year it will be the same. This is our peak pollinating time and we have roughly 150 high school kiddos at our research center each day that need my attention (plus the attention of everyone who works here).

I will say the kids help make it a lot more fun and when we get views of the crop dusters like these that is pretty awesome as well. I do promise to be better and I am actually cooking a recipe tonight so there will be a homemade meal on the table tonight, family get excited!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Recap...

I know the 4th of july is over but I couldn’t resist posting some pics from our families celebration. Every year my parents have a big party for all our family and friends and this year was no different. Even though not as many people as usual could make it, fun was had by all. The evening included plenty of delicious food, water gun fights, and FIREWORKS. I being well me didn’t take a picture one, yes I am an airhead. Thankfully Lauren (my SIL to be) came through! She captured some of the best images of Charlot and her cousin Mia. I just look at these pictures and can’t help but smile and think what sweet little ladies they are becoming!
Cheering I am not certain for who but cheering!
Here they are being Elsa (Frozen) and I am sure they are freezing everyone that comes near.

I am trying convince Charlot I know what I am doing and no worries!

She and I do not have the ability to take a decent pic together.

Oh the hubs he loves pictures.

She found a safe spot for fireworks.

Thank you to my photographer, your date is kind of weird.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dinner for one...Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes

Do you ever have times when you have a crazy night that you need to get many things done and everyone in your home seems to be eating at different times? No, oh so it really is only us. Well occasionally I find our house in those moments. For instance the gate opening night, Charlot and I took the hubs supper, got home I quickly fed her supper and got some laundry done before my parents were supposed to be at our house for our nightly walk. Then when we got home from the walk it was bath time, story time, pray time and bed time for Charlot. And about 8:45 I still hadn’t eaten. I understand it isn’t great on your body to eat so late but I was STARVING! So this little throw together is one I go to in a pinch regularly! Sometimes I add leftover grilled chicken to it, but on this night I ate it straight up like this just noodles, veggies and sauce! If you ever find yourself starving late at night, and need a meal in under 10 minutes flat here is your go to!

Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes

1 handful of Angel hair pasta (depends on how much you want)

A couple handfuls of baby spinach leaves

1 tbsp Butter

1tbsp EVOO

1/8 cup Milk (I use whole)

¼ cup Parmesan Cheese

1 Roma Tomato (seeded and diced)

½ Lemon (zest and juice)

Salt and pepper to taste

Cook pasta according to package directions, druing the last minute or two of cooking throw in your spinach. Drain and set aside. In the same pot you cooked your pasta in melt butter and EVOO. Turn heat down a bit stir in your milk. Season with salt and pepper. Grate in the parmesan cheese and stir quickly add pasta and spinach back to the pot. Stir to combine everything add in tomatoes and lemon juice and zest stir to incorporate. Top with a bit more cheese. ENJOY!